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I am a software developer in Wokingham, Berkshire, United Kingdom. I graduated from the University of Warwick with a first class masters degree in Physics in 2014.

Dealing with Needlephobia Using Machine Learning

Dec 21, 2021

How to create a Google Chrome extension that protects you from pictures of needles on the internet.

My Development Workstation

May 24, 2020

I am quite frugal with my spending, and I spend quite a lot of time trying to identify the best value equipment. This post explains my current software development workstation and shows where the equipment I have selected can be purchased.

Encrypting Integer Primary Keys in Python

May 17, 2020

Sequential integer primary keys can be much more performant than other unique values such as UUIDs, however they are more predictable and can leak application data. This post presents a simple mechanism for encrypting them.

Make PHP Great Again

Jun 25, 2018

The PHP core functions are a complete mess. With PHP 8 on the horizon, and more competition than ever in the programming ecosystem, this might be a last chance to make PHP great again.

A Beginners Guide to Beating the Bookmakers with TensorFlow

Feb 20, 2018

Using the TensorFlow Estimator API to make match predictions that beat the bookmakers.

Annotating Large Datasets with the TensorFlow Object Detection API

Jan 24, 2018

Using the TensorFlow Object Detection API to predict annotations for large datasets.

Monitoring Road Traffic with Python

Aug 24, 2017

Using Python to process images from traffic cameras and detect congestion

PSR-7 Objects Are Not Immutable

May 22, 2016

One of the defining aspects of the PSR-7 standard is perceived immutability. It is important to note that these objects are not completely immutable, and cannot be treated as such.

95% of PHPixie Installs on Packagist are Fraudulent

May 9, 2016

As I am writing this, the project comes second on Packagist searches for 'framework' and 'orm' (behind Laravel and Doctrine) - with close to 100,000 downloads on many of its active repositories.

PSR-6 Has Serious Problems

Dec 7, 2015

UPDATE: Since publishing this article I have been speaking with Larry Garfield, the editor of PSR-6. He has posted his response in the comments section below.

Lessons Learnt at My First Conference

Nov 17, 2015

Last weekend I had the pleasure of being invited to speak at the Brno PHP 2015 conference. I have visted (and spoken at) a couple of user group meet-ups before, but this was my first time attending a conference.


Sep 6, 2015

Back in March I went to visit a good friend of mine who lives in Copenhagen, Denmark. I got a very thorough tour of the city from him and his family and cannot wait to go back.

First Attempt at M57 Ring Nebula

Sep 5, 2015

This is my first attempt at photographing a deep sky object known as the ‘Ring Nebula’ (or M57). I’m going to be making some modifications to my telescope which will let me take much longer exposures (and get more detailed images), but this will definitely do for a quick first attempt - where ‘quick’ means that it took me a good 3-4 hours to set up, locate, photograph and process.

Every Second at Least 400 Planets Are Scorched Into Oblivion

Sep 5, 2015

Cue video of famous people routinely clicking their fingers…

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